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Beckett & Robb was born out of a passion for world-class menswear, and a desire to share our products, designs, and ideas with men everywhere.


Beckett & Robb began with the goal of providing an excellent made-to-measure service as an alternative to buying ready to wear. It has evolved into much more. We strive to achieve proper fit, whatever that may mean for the wearer. Equally important to us is to provide excellence in the quality of our tailoring and a world-class experience for our clients.

These standards continue to drive us today. We’re passionate about products made with superb craftsmanship. We know it’s the only way to achieve timeless results, both in terms of the styling and the longevity of the garment. We also want each client experience to be what it should—memorable, enjoyable, and, dare we say it, life changing.

We believe products that are made well, and responsibly, enrich the lives of the craftspeople who make them as well as yours, and will serve you well now and in years to come. In a world of fast fashion and disposable clothing, we espouse the virtues quality over quantity, craft over speed, and classical styling over trend.

Beckett & Robb was founded in 2009 by Derek Bleazard and Jason Yeats.


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