Carmina Shoemakers

Carmina began in 1866 in Majorca, Spain, beginning a family tradition of shoemakers that has continued to present day.  Jose Albaladejo took over in 1961, building on a heritage of high quality, Goodyear stitched shoes, and establishing Carmina as one of the largest shoemakers in Spain.  Since that time the tradition of design and quality have continued, and Carmina’s reputation for superb shoes has spread across the world. 

Carmina shoes are made using traditional Goodyear stitching and are submitted to a strict quality control process.  The shoes are made by a team of skilled craftsmen who carefully handle each stage of production. The creation of lasts by a master last-maker, and the patterns made for and traced upon those lasts is still done the same way today as it was in generations past. Materials are meticulously selected from the best sources, and stored at an ideal temperature until they acquire the right texture for cutting.  Cutting is done by hand, and the pieces are carefully sewn together.  The uppers are then molded over the lasts, where it rests for 4 days before stitching of the welts and soles are done.  Finally the shoes are painted and shined, with other finishing touches to ensure brilliancy and a beautiful patina.  

At Beckett & Robb, we’re thrilled to partner with Carmina Shoemaker to provide outstanding Goodyear welted shoes at an excellent value.  Our Carmina collection includes some of Carmina’s best designs and lasts, as well as designs unique to B&R. 


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