May 01, 2019

Featured Cloth - May

For our featured cloth for May, we decided on something to get you prepped for the hottest months of the year -- a tropical weight wool from the Italian mill Guabello, in a stunning pinstripe.

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This cloth is incredibly versatile. The medium grey color matches with any color of shoe, shirt, tie or pocket square, but the vintage looking pinstripe is what we love the most. There's just something supremely cool about taking a classic cloth, and updating it with an modern silhouette.

Sport Coat, Suit, Trouser, or Waistcoat

This cloth was made for hot weather. The tropical weave, and the natural wool fibers have what we call "breathability" (allows air to pass easily through the cloth), that will keep you feeling comfortable as the temperatures rise.

Don't let the weight of this cloth intimidate you. It works amazingly well for the hot months, but can be just fine in the cold months... just add one of our topcoats, or make it a three-piece for the extra insulation.

Not familiar with our process? Check out this guide:

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